Talk To Your People

Managers, supervisors, leaders at all levels, TALK TO YOUR employees. Employees, TALK TO YOUR managers, supervisors, leaders at all levels.

It serves all parties well when communication flows, but it takes effort from everyone.

Almost 70% of US Managers Are Scared to Talk to Their Employees:

Communication can’t happen once a year, or only when things are fantastic (or fantastically terrible). Communication, especially about expectations and performance feedback, must occur in all the spaces in between.

Filling in the gaps between a formal coaching session, or god forbid an annual performance review, establishes a rhythm and a rapport that builds momentum over time.

  • Want to make that tough conversation about the status of a project go smoothly? Have regular conversations about what makes your people tick in the months and years prior.
  • Want to raise expectations for a team that isn’t working to its potential? Work to understand how the team works, their perspectives, and their ideas well before it becomes necessary to question them.
  • Want to get out of a rut with an individual? Build trust over time by getting to know them, having conversations that create a relationship over the course of time.

It won’t be easy, especially when there is a lack of trust or a history of sketchy accountability. But if you want to break through, you need to start opening the lines of communication, no matter your place in the organization.

And you can start doing it now;  TALK TO YOUR PEOPLE.


“The void created by the failure to communicate is soon filled with poison, drivel and misrepresentation. ”

― C. Northcote Parkinson


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