3M Half Marathon FOMO

Every so often you have to take one on the chin.

That’s exactly what happened today when I passed on running the 3M Half Marathon because I was undertrained, overweight, and unprepared for a race I signed up for a year ago.

It was a long summer, full of poor eating and a full embrace of a sedentary lifestyle that excluded workouts of any kind. It was enough to crater my fall training schedule.

You can’t rush training. You can’t eat poorly and expect results. These are lessons I learned long ago, but lessons I did not heed in 2017.

All of this culminated in me deciding to pass on this race about two weeks ago. There was simply no sense in risking injury through aggressive training or pushing myself to be miserable in a race that is supposed to be enjoyable.

Instead, I chose to focus on rebuilding the healthy habits that have carried me to ten half marathons and one marathon in the last eight years. It’s well past time to get back to basics, but that doesn’t make it any easier to sit this race out.

So today, I’m embracing my FOMO. I’m soaking in the feeling that comes along with knowing that what could have been another epic experience at 3M, is a day spent doing laundry and watching football. Embracing this feeling is what will get me back on track.

Whether I get back on track this spring, next fall, or next winter, I’m hoping taking one on the chin NOW is the start of something special.

In another perfect life, in another perfect light,
We run, we run, we run.

– Run, by The Foo Fighters

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