Texas SHRM: College Relations: Reach, Range, Responsiveness.

Tomorrow is the first Texas SHRM meeting of 2017, and my first as College Relations director.

The last few weeks have been a bit of a whirlwind, with most of my time spent learning about the job to be done. In all of this, I keep coming back to a model for the strategic implementation of technology, one that I learned about as a student at UTSA.

From a technology adoption standpoint, the idea is to work towards techniques that improve the reach, range, and responsiveness of users. In the world of Texas SHRM and College Relations, I see it as an opportunity to add structure to our approach.

How might we reach more students? How might we increase the types of services we provide? How might we be more responsive to our stakeholders?


We will work to increase the number of students involved in our programs overall. This includes improving our capacity to meet our students “where they are”. There are HR students in all corners of Texas, and we need to be sure we create as many opportunities to bring them into our network as possible.


We will work to increase the range of services Texas SHRM provides, to include hosting our own HR Games in Spring of 2019, providing meaningful connections to local HR professionals, and using technology to close the geographic gap for students across the state.


We will improve our ability to communicate consistently with our stakeholders (students, student leaders, advisors, HR professionals). It should be easy to find the information they need, whether online, or in person, and we should have a consistent way to share the innovations that our student chapters are employing.

A modernized College Relations effort at the state level, one that emphasizes innovation, and an entrepreneurial mindset to achieve student success should be our end in mind.

This includes, of course, helping student chapters do just the same!

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