Paths to Renewal

The hiking trails I enjoy most are closed this weekend to prevent erosion.

It makes sense. A rainy, misty, foggy week means trails that are muddy, and that means that heavy foot traffic will lead to trail erosion that can negatively impact the environment the park is meant to protect.

It’s a tradeoff that leaves hikers and occasional runners like myself searching for an alternative plan. Time in nature has incredible benefits, and I often refer to my hikes or runs on the trails as a moving meditation occasionally interrupted by fresh air and scenes like this:

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Sunset at Friedrich Wilderness Park

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This serves as a reminder that everything needs renewal and occasional protection, a lesson that serves us well in all aspects of life:

The things that matter most are worth making time to protect or renew. The path to renewal takes constant upkeep. It takes time and effort, perhaps even short-term sacrifice for long-term benefit. 

It’s hard to think of an area where this doesn’t apply.

As for the trails at Friedrich Wilderness Park, it’s easy. I’ll take a few days off and be ready when the weather is better.  I’ll be back on the trails soon, and hopefully for many years to come.


2 thoughts

  1. thank you Carlos for the beautiful words. Time for renewal for me. Just lost my job of 14 yrs today in a RIF. I’m thinking abt what matters most and what are my next steps. :/


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