5 Reads: Introverts as Disruptors, the Disease of Being Busy, Small Inner Circles and More

Here are five reads that have me thinking…

Introverts are Natural Disruptors—Here’s Why
Heleo Editors. Heleo

Key Quote: “Whether that is an intrinsic property of being introverted or whether it’s just a byproduct of spending quite a bit of time in your own company, either way the result is that you know what you think and feel about things, and you tend to develop your own view of the world, which lends itself to disruption.” Read the rest here.

Organizations Don’t Change Until People Do
Sharlyn Lauby. HR Bartender

Key quote: “While we can rely on the steps in change process being consistent, change takes place by the person. So the length of time in each step could be different. Add to that the fact that change is always happening. At any given moment, we are all processing several changes: big, small, and all in a different stage of the process.” Read the rest here.

The Disease of Being Busy
Omid Safi. On Being

Key quote: “This disease of being “busy” (and let’s call it what it is, the dis-ease of being busy, when we are never at ease) is spiritually destructive to our health and wellbeing. It saps our ability to be fully present with those we love the most in our families, and keeps us from forming the kind of community that we all so desperately crave.” Read the rest here.

Ignoring bad leadership may be risky business — here’s why.
Wendy Hirsch. Science For Work

Key quote: “However, given that destructive leadership involves sustained, abusive behavior rather than a one-time event, it might be worth considering systemic factors that might allow such behaviors to take hold in an organization. Researchers offer two models that illustrate how this might happen.” Read the rest here.

Why Your Inner Circle Should Stay Small, and How to Shrink It
Scott Gerber. Harvard Business Review

Key quote: “If you’re like most people, you have built your network haphazardly, connecting with anyone who will communicate with you. You probably have a hard time saying no to people. And as a result, people you barely know are probably making demands on your time and, like a true mensch, you may be accommodating them. Read the rest here.” Read the rest here



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