Post #WorkHuman: Do Whatever It Takes!

People who FEEL GOOD at work, DO good work.

This little nugget came from Alexander Kjerulf’s session on the Power of Positive Feedback at Work, in the very last breakout session, on the very last day of the WorkHuman Conference held in Austin, Texas last week.

It’s a deceptively simple premise; feel good, do good. Perhaps more importantly, it works well in reverse; DO good, FEEL good. But we shouldn’t let simplicity undermine the serious work that goes into building organizations that put this into practice.

People feel good in organizations that honor their humanity. They feel good in organizations that make it easy to live a healthy, fulfilling life while doing work that is meaningful. They feel good in organizations with cultures of consistent care and recognition.

So what do we do to build such organizations?

Whatever it takes.

We need to embrace the beautiful messiness of the humans in our organizations. We need to help people bring their whole self to work so that they can, in turn, live their best lives and do their best work for our customers, who in turn help our organizations grow.

We must get comfortable with being uncomfortable. No human fits into a category, a stereotype or even a well-meaning set of assumptions. Every human is worth taking the time to know, to understand, to care for.

We need to build cultures of gratitude, because:

“If you don’t recognize EVERYBODY in your organization, you’re not recognizing ANYBODY.”Laurie Ruettimann, WorkHuman

We have an imperative to do all of these things, and not just because we are uniquely positioned as HR professionals to do so. We have an imperative to do these things because we are first and foremost human.

We must brave the wilderness, we must play the infinite game, we must embrace inclusion at all levels and we must start NOW, start small, with whatever we have from wherever we are.

WHATEVER it takes.

From the WorkHuman Spotify playlist.

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