#SHRM18 Speaker Video: Catherine Mattice Defines Workplace Bullying and How to End it

Civility is the key to everything.

All of our HR strategies, plans, models and ideals don’t stand a chance in an environment of incivility. Incivility crushes our well intentioned values and mission statements.

An environment of incivility is a breeding ground for bullying, violence and harassment.

It doesn’t have to be that way.


Catherine Mattice, president of Civility Partners LLC and speaker at the upcoming 2018 SHRM Annual Conference (#SHRM18), has been helping organizations build positive workplace cultures for over a decade. Her session, “Workplace Bullying IS Illegal: Bullying, Violence and Harassment (and How to Detect and Stop It)” will show how a positive workplace culture can make all the difference.

Ready to learn more? Check out her video below: 

If you’re reading a book about building employee engagement right now, you need to ask yourself whether you have the right environment to do whatever the book is telling you to do. ” – Catherine Mattice

#SHRM18 Session Planner:
Workplace Bullying IS Illegal: Bullying, Violence and Harassment (and How to Detect and Stop It)
Catherine Mattice. Civility Partners LLC.
Monday, June 18. 2:00pm – 3:15pm.

Can’t wait to learn more? Connect with her here!
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One comment

  1. The problem is when HR is enabling and even behind the bullying. I was bullied during traumatic bereavement. https://latenightgirl.org/open-letters-to-pret/pret-staff-complaints/


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