5 Reads: Walk Breaks, Introvert Leaders, Transformative Books and More

Here are five reads that have me thinking…

Those 2-Minute Walk Breaks? They Add Up
Gretchen Reynolds. The New York Times

Key Quote: “Walk for two minutes. Repeat 15 times. Or walk for 10 minutes, thrice. The benefits for longevity appear to be almost exactly the same, according to an inspiring new study of physical activity patterns and life spans.” Read the rest here

12 Science-Backed Reasons to Spend More Time Outdoors
Kevin Loria. Business Insider

Key Quote: “Every green environment improved both self-esteem and mood,” found an analysis of 10 earlier studies about so-called “green exercise.” That review also indicated that “the mentally ill had one of the greatest self-esteem improvements.” Read the rest here.

Having Your Smartphone Nearby Takes a Toll on Your Thinking
Kristen Duke, Adrian Ward, Ayelet Gneezy, and Maarten Bos. Harvard Business Review

Key Quote: “Our research suggests that, in a way, the mere presence of our smartphones is like the sound of our names — they are constantly calling to us, exerting a gravitational pull on our attention. If you have ever felt a “phantom buzz” you inherently know this.” Read the rest here

4 Reasons Why Introverts Make Great Leaders
Ilya Pozin. Inc Magazine

Key Quote: “The best leaders aren’t always the loudest and most noticeable ones, and the idea that introverts can’t make the cut is a dangerously misleading one. The truth is that any company would do well to help the introverts among its ranks rise, allowing them to shine, even if they prefer to do so away from the spotlight.” Read the rest here

4 Big Idea Books That Will Transform Your Career
Jessica Stillman. Inc Magazine

Key Quote: “Sometimes we read to exercise our empathy, sometimes to find the solution to a particular problem, and sometimes just to pass the time when we’re on a beach or a train. But if you’re goal is to hone your brain with a good book, what you want is the title that will teach you the most with the quickest, most enjoyable read.” Read the rest here.


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