5 Reads: Develop Your Passion, Respect in the Workplace, Asking for Help, and More

Here are five reads that have me thinking…

How to Make Room in Your Work Life for the Rest of Your Self
Brianna Caza, Lakshmi Ramarajan, Erin Reid and Stephanie Creary. Harvard Business Review

Key Quote: “Our research suggests some simple changes to how you think about yourself, how you act out your identities, and how you make space for others’ identities can help you successfully manage your multiple identities, and thrive as a complex and whole person.” Read the rest here

Instead of ‘finding your passion,’ try developing it, Stanford scholars say
Melissa De Witte. Stanford News

Key Quote: “A fixed view may be problematic, said Walton, an associate professor of psychology at Stanford School of Humanities and Sciences and the Michael Forman University Fellow in Undergraduate Education. Being narrowly focused on one area could prevent individuals from developing knowledge in other areas that could be important to their field at a later time, he said.” Read the rest here

Taking Another Person’s Perspective Doesn’t Help You Understand Them
Brian Gallagher. Nautilus

Key Quote: “To understand someone, we should not imagine their point of view but make the effort to “get” their perspective. “True insight into the minds of others is not likely to come from honing your powers of intuition,” Epley wrote, “but rather by learning to stop guessing about what’s on the mind of another person and learning to listen instead.” Read the rest here

Do Your Employees Feel Respected?
Kristie Rogers. Harvard Business Review

Key Quote: “A respectful workplace brings enormous benefits to organizations. Employees who say they feel respected are more satisfied with their jobs and more grateful for—and loyal to—their companies. They are more resilient, cooperate more with others, perform better and more creatively, and are more likely to take direction from their leaders.” Read the rest here.

You’re Asking For Help In The Wrong Way
Heidi Grant. Thrive Global

Key Quote: “You’re going to love it! It will be so much fun!” Don’t ever try to explicitly convince someone else that they will find helping you rewarding. It’s true that helping makes people happy, but reminding people of this generally drains the joy out of helping.” Read the rest here


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