Summertime Madness


Where has the summer gone?

Since the SHRM Annual Conference ended I’ve been doing everything in my power to avoid the brutal Texas heat. I’ve logged more couch time than I will ever admit, I’ve watched more mindless television than should be allowable by law, and I’ve managed to let my entire workout and nutrition regimen fall apart like a Trump talking point.

It happens this time every year, to some extent.

If you are reading this and you live up north, you should know that our summer is like your winter. You don’t proactively engage in it if you don’t have to. You endure it. You wait it out. The weather taxes you in every way. It seeps into your consciousness, affects your sleep, and leaches away at your energy for anything productive or restorative.

And then just like that it’s almost August and you’ve wilted under the unnatural glow of bad indoor lighting and bad indoor air for so long that all the cool things you were once working on have fallen into disrepair.

Yep, it’s that bad.

I know my experience is not unique. It’s a safe assumption that other people are struggling through the same malaise that I predictably struggle through each summer, albeit every person certainly struggles and copes in their own way.

Every person also EMERGES in their own way.

This week marks a return to a normal 5-day work week, consisting of regular, predictable, 8 hour days for me. The long eight week stretch of four-day workweeks (no, not this kind) consisting of 10-hour workdays and subsequent exhausted three day weekends that eat at every aspect of your schedule comes to an end starting tomorrow.

While summer won’t end around here for a long time (awwww remember winters?), the light at the end of the tunnel provided by a return to a more normal work schedule feels, perhaps irrationally so, like the start of the beginning of the first phase of perhaps approaching the end of this madness.

And just that HINT of a change has me fired up and ready to go for the week ahead.


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