Rise To The Next Challenge – The SHRM Leadership Development Forum

In all my years of going to local, state and SHRM Annual Conferences, I’ve never been to a SHRM conference that focuses solely on a specific topic or area of expertise.

That will change this October when I attend the SHRM Leadership Development Forum (#SHRMLead) in Boston Massachusetts!

From the conference website:

“The 2018 SHRM Leadership Development Forum will equip you with the skills and strategies you need to take the next step forward in your career. Attend to learn how you can set the direction and tone of your organization’s HR initiatives, build relationships with key players, and motivate people to buy into a vision. You’ll leave with sharpened communication and leadership skills — ready to rise to the next challenge.”

I’m looking forward to a conference that will help me sharpen my leadership skills as I work to expand my skillset at work, as a writer, speaker, and eventually a sought out expert in the field of human resources and organizational development.

This is an opportunity I’m extremely excited about!

It will be my first time in Boston and Massachusetts. It will be early fall (which means the weather should be AMAZING) and I will have the opportunity to catch up with my friend Mike Spinale!

In addition, my friends Jazmine Wilkes and Claire Petrie will be in attendance. I’m sure we’ll have lots to catch up on, share and learn about together. Of course, as with every conference, the true potential lies in the people you meet at the conference itself. I can’t wait to connect with new colleagues and friends and to grow from those relationships.

Be sure to follow the #SHRMLead hashtag on Twitter before and during the conference to stay in the know, and to meet other attendees. In the meantime, let’s connect! Use the contact info below and let’s make plans to say hello in Boston!

Event Details:
2018 SHRM Leadership Development Forum
October 2-3, 2018. Sheraton Boston
Register Here

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