5 Reads: Why You Haven’t Fulfilled Your Potential, Madness of Modernity, Underestimating Gratitude and More

Here are five reads that have me thinking…

9 Stoic Practices That Will Help You Thrive In The Madness Of Modernity

Louis Chew. Daily Stoic

Key Quote: “The onus is on ourselves to ensure that we don’t let external events affect our internal state of mind. Once we internalise that, it becomes clear that we have the power to be happy regardless of our circumstances.” Read the rest here

7 Powerful Tactics Mentally Strong People Use to Prevent Toxic People From Taking a Toll on Their Lives

Amy Morin. Inc Magazine

Key Quote: “When you know what you value, prioritizing your life becomes easier. That doesn’t mean you won’t make mistakes sometimes–toxic people have the ability to be a negative influence on us. But, before you can behave according to your beliefs, you need to what your values are.” Read the rest here

Psychologists have surprising advice for people who feel unmotivated

Leah Fessler. Quartz at Work

Key Quote: “Giving advice, as opposed to receiving it, appears to help unmotivated people feel powerful because it involves reflecting on knowledge that they already have. So if you’re completely clueless about the resources or strategies necessary for progress, asking for help is probably the best first step.” Read the rest here

10 Reasons Why You Haven’t Fulfilled Your Potential

Chris Dessi. Inc Magazine

Key Quote: “If you’re surrounding yourself with the village idiots, you’ll never reach your potential. Find the people who challenge you to achieve more. Spend more time with those who push the envelope and are positive thinkers. They’ll feed your motivation.” Read the rest here

Underestimating the power of gratitude – recipients of thank-you letters are more touched than we expect

Christian Jarrett. Research Digest

Key Quote: “The senders of the thank-you letters consistently underestimated how positive the recipients felt about receiving the letters and how surprised they were by the content. The senders also overestimated how awkward the recipients felt; and they underestimated how warm, and especially how competent, the recipients perceived them to be. ” Read the rest here

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