Music: Natural, by Imagine Dragons

I love this song by Imagine Dragons.


There’s no such thing as a natural.

Sure, people have unique strengths, skills, and abilities, but the best and brightest don’t just rely on them to be at the top of their game. They work hard at it.

When you see someone doing what they do best, it’s easy to think that they are the product of some innate talent that puts them at a distinct advantage over the rest of us. Assuming that it all comes easily to them is well, natural.

Only it’s the exact opposite.

What you don’t see is that every subject matter expert has worked hard to become so.

Every titan, every thought leader, every pro that shines above the rest has willed their way to become so. They’ve made learning a vital part of what they do, they’ve failed and learned from the experience, and they’ve put in thousands of hours of practice to be who they are in the present.

It all comes together in a way that seems natural.

And the work that goes into that moment is worth celebrating and playing loud.

Check it out:

“Gonna make it, I’m gonna make it natural; A beating heart of stone. You gotta be so cold to make it in this world”


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