Ft. Collins Colorado for Change Management Training in October

In mid-October, I will be headed to Fort Collins Colorado to get certified in the Prosci Train the Trainer program.

If you’re keeping count, that means that in the course of about 4 weeks I will be a breakout session speaker for the first time EVER, I will go to Boston for the first time ever for the SHRM Leadership Development Forum, and I will be in Colorado for the first time EVER.

It’s a work, volunteer and travel schedule I’m not accustomed to. And there is perhaps, still more to come. But I’m not complaining. Not one bit.

Comfort is decay. Growth then is the act of pushing your boundaries, pushing your limits, and exploring new opportunities.

I’m looking forward to bringing change management principles that put PEOPLE at the center of our work to the Alamo Colleges. I’m looking forward to being pushed to learn, to understand the perspectives of other change managers from across the world, and to rise to the next challenge.

I believe that great people practices in ANY organization require GREAT change management. We have to know not only how to craft our efforts so that we motivate people to join the cause, we have to design solutions that focus on the PEOPLE SIDE OF CHANGE.

The humans in our organizations are the solution to the challenges we face. I can’t wait to learn new ways to empower and engage them.

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