Change Happens One Human at a Time

Organizations, teams, and cultures don’t change in mass. They change one human at a time.

Last week I completed the Prosci Train the Trainer program in Fort Collins, Colorado. It was an intensive experience that not only included immersive work on the Prosci change management methodology but an incredible human experience as well.

Our cohort, strangers when we met on Monday, left as colleagues, confidants, and friends on Friday. We worked hard together; we shared our experiences, our challenges, and enough about ourselves to grow together in a way that was truly special.

The Prosci team did a fantastic job of designing the training experience to do just that.

From the beginning, we were eased into getting to know one another, and throughout the week we steadily grew our confidence in facilitating six Prosci programs, and steadily grew our reliance on one another to understand and interpret the material. Along the way, trust grew, and from that trust grew a supportive environment that I’d be hard-pressed to compare to any training I’ve been a part of to date.

Every aspect of our experience was one that truly honored the humanity of everyone involved.

We were not participants; we were not yet another group of attendees or anonymous people who were on site for just a few days. We were unique, worthwhile individuals to every person we interacted with that week.

We worked very hard. That said, for me at least, the hardest part was hopping on a shuttle back to Denver, to get on a plane to head home and leave it all behind.

There is just something special about coming together in the moment, appreciating it for what it is even in the midst of it, fully recognizing that every one of us was being made better for it.

I left changed, we all left changed.

We’re all back in our homes or our organizations by now. We’ve all had a day or so to rest, and to reflect. And now, it’s our turn to put what we learned, what we experienced, and what we gained from all of this into practice…

one human at a time.


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