5 Reads: Creating Change, “Always On” Culture, Office Bullies and More

Here are five reads that have me thinking…

Bosses Don’t Encourage Curiosity as Much as They Think They Do
Ashley Hamer. Curiosity

Key Quote: “You can’t be fast and efficient if you’re always asking questions, and besides, it’s uncomfortable to challenge the status quo. But research shows that curiosity is essential for a business to perform at its highest level, and employees just don’t feel curious. What’s a company to do?” Read the rest here

How to Create Change in Your Organization
Bryan Walker. IDEO

Key Quote: “If you’re an agent of change, you will be going against the grain and you will encounter natural friction. There will be setbacks. Things will take longer than you like. When encountering frictions, see it as a gift.” Read the rest here

How to Disconnect From ‘Always On’ Work Culture
Matthew Kitchen. The Wall Street Journal

Key Quote: “We have to dismantle always-on before it dismantles us,” Mr. McKeown warned. How to actually achieve that dismantling is complicated. Much like that electronic cummerbund that promises to zap your stomach into a six-pack but only burns you in the end—financially and in my case literally—there’s no quick fix.” Read the rest here

How to Explain Something So that Everyone Understands It
Alison Davis. Inc Magazine

Key Quote: “Adult learners come to each learning experience with their unique former knowledge,” write Harold D. Stolovitch and Erica J. Keeps in their book, Telling Ain’t Training. For that reason, “the more you factor the experience of your learners into the design and delivery” of your presentation, training or other communication, “the more effective the outcome.” Read the rest here

Experiencing these three things? You’re dealing with an office bully
Jillian Kramer-Glassdoor. Fast Company

Key Quote: “Need help from an office bully? Good luck, says Jacinto. “Forget asking this person,” she says. “They’ll refuse to assist you at all costs–even if you just helped them with their project. They’ll suddenly disappear from IM, email, or say they are too busy to help.” Read the rest here


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