Renewal Activities


I haven’t written in almost a month.

I didn’t plan this. It just sort of happened.

One would think that with my travel schedule coming to an end and a series of big events at work behind us, I’d have plenty of time and energy to write, but that clearly hasn’t been the case. I didn’t realize it, but I was long overdue for a break on many fronts.

My workout regimen fell apart, my nutrition planning and preparation disappeared, I got away from building and maintaining the relationships that mattered most, and I was just plain exhausted. Now that I write that, I’m not sure I’m 100% back, but it feels like I’m on the right track.

Last week I went to two beautiful state parks with the intent of simply exploring and taking pictures, I got back into yoga, I ran a 5K, I visited South Padre Island for the first time using the points I’ve racked up (ironically) from all my travels, and I spent quality time with family and friends.

It was a fairly aggressive schedule, but I came back mentally and physically renewed.

It’s odd to fall off track like this, especially given the amount of time I spend coaching and mentoring people about these things. “You can’t be your own coach,” I say. “Everyone needs a coach,” I repeat. “Take care of yourself – don’t kill the goose!” I implore.

And yet here I am, writing about it in hopes that doing so creates the kind of semi-public accountability that will motivate me to stay on this track. There is so much good work still to be done this year, and all the potential that a new year holds immediately thereafter.

There is much to look forward to, and a whole lot of opportunity to make the most of.

And THAT starts with putting the work into making sure I’m at my best every step of the way.

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