To Connect is to be Intentional

“Connecting doesn’t happen by chance. It’s intentional!”

When it came time to write this post I couldn’t help but think back to the words SAHRMA used to caption this photo.

Last week my friend Andrea Devers was in the area visiting family and friends, and a few of us got together to catch up. Andrea lives and works in Seattle these days, but for many years she lived in San Antonio and was an active member and volunteer leader with the San Antonio HR Management Association.

Meeting up didn’t just happen.

It took days, if not weeks, of coordinating schedules, gathering contact information, and spreading the word. All of us had a great time catching up (and at least in my case, meeting some of the group for the first time). And while the result was amazing and the conversation at the table was easy, none of it happened by chance. It took effort, and a bit of courage.

The same applies in every other aspect of our lives.

To get to better relationships with family and friends, be intentional about connecting in person, on a deeper level, with a focused energy that brings your best to the table so that others feel free to do the same.

To get better performance at work, carve out time to help people connect, and ensure that you do the same for the people you work with and lead. Don’t assume this will happen on its own. MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Have the courage to take the first step. Put yourself out there a bit. People will respond in kind.

The result will always be worth it.

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