Why We Do What We Do

Why do you do what you do? More importantly, for who?

This week I was lucky enough to reconnect with the answer to those questions at work.  I facilitated a “Student Conversation” event at Northwest Vista College, the first of five such events scheduled over the next two weeks at each of the Alamo Colleges. In this event, our new Chancellor, Dr. Mike Flores,  sought input from students on their experiences that will be added to employee feedback and brought into the Alamo Colleges Strategic plan in early spring.

I got to do the fun stuff.

I helped guide our students through a process designed to gather their ideas on the direction of the Alamo College District. This meant sitting at their tables and helping them craft their feedback, helping them clarify their messages, and generally working to be a person who makes a rather complex process easy to manage.

I loved it. 

student convo-2

I loved it because the two hours I spent in this arena spoke directly to why we do what we do, and for who. I loved it because there are still four more colleges to visit, and I anticipate I will have similar, incredible experiences.

It’s far too easy to get caught up in the day to day whirlwind of work, and seemingly infinite urgency. At times it may feel that the very nature of our work is designed to move us away from our purpose, rather than towards it.

We have to make time to reconnect with our purpose and help others do the same. Seeking and experiencing this is a breath of fresh air, and it’s worthy of our best efforts.


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