5 Reads: How to be a More Patient Person, Say Thank You – No Excuses, How to Exclude People From Projects and More

Here are five articles that have me thinking…

How to Harness the Power of Color for Year-Round Joy

Key Quote: “So to bring [the power of color] into your own life, add more light and color by brightening large surfaces around you, like walls, floors, cabinets, and counters. Choose broad-spectrum light bulbs for workspaces, and those with the warmest light for your home. Lastly, wear colorful clothing, especially during dreary winter months. Don’t just dress for the job you want—dress for the joy you want.” Read the rest here

How to Be a More Patient Person

Key Quote: “Even if you’re not a particularly patient person today, there’s still hope you can be a more patient person tomorrow. So if you find yourself getting exasperated more than you’d like, here are ways to keep those testy impulses in check.” Read the rest here.

A New Study Busts All Your Excuses for Not Saying Thank You More

Key Quote: “Apparently, we also overestimate how awkward saying thank you really is and underestimate how much joy it will bring the other person. If you knew how happy saying thank you would make people, you’d probably do more of it.” Read the rest here.

If You Want to be Smarter, Build In An Hour of Daily Contemplation

Key Quote: “Most people who we see as smart don’t get there suddenly or through magic. They just do the little things that are easily neglected by most people. Over time, these little things add up.” Read the rest here

How to Gracefully Exclude Coworkers from Meetings, Emails, and Projects

Key Quote: “Whether it’s a meeting, an email thread, or a project team, people need to be excluded from time to time. Being selective frees people up to join more urgent engagements, get creative work done, and stay focused on their most important tasks.” Read the rest here


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