Breaking Spring

Spring break is when I will get caught up on everything.

That’s the plan this time of year, every year.

I’ll finally get around to having my car serviced. I’ll get out and replace my worn down work shoes AND my worn down workout shoes. Heck, I might even start working out again!

I’ll get my finances organized again. I’ll clean out my closet. I’ll clean everything from top to bottom. I’ll get around to doing some serious writing. I’ll get out and about. I’ll scratch that photography itch someplace new. I’ll revisit my goals, make plans to get back on track, and create new ones. I’ll eat better. I’ll have a green smoothie every day, well okay, most days, well okay, every other day, maybe. I’ll meditate, I’ll read, I’ll maintain my regular sleep schedule.


Things happen.

Naps happen. Netflix happens.
Unexpected but meaningful meetups with friends and family happen.
That amazing feeling you can only get when your schedule is 100% yours for ten days happens.

And suddenly…

What matters most isn’t the relentless pursuit of a task list, it’s a mindful approach to rest and re-creation.

Suddenly lofty to-do lists become less than lofty, big plans morph into practical plans, and that rushed list of things to be done this week slowly turns into ordinary things that can be done some other week.

And you know what? I’m fine with that.

Because that’s also part of the plan this time of year, every year.


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