Five Reads: What You Don’t Owe Your Boss, Bad Targets and Metrics, Taming Anxiety and More

Here are five articles that have me thinking…

You Can Be a Great Leader and Also Have a Life
Brigid Schulte. Harvard Business Review

Key Quote: “For leaders to stand up to status quo pressures and make work-life balance a priority, DeGroot discovered, these pioneers had to cultivate skills around three relationships: learning to work differently with their teams at work, making a plan with their families to put home and family first, and shifting their own mindsets to not only believe change is truly possible, but to give themselves permission to try, and speak up about it.” Read the rest here.

Six Things You Don’t Owe Your Boss
Dr. Travis Bradberry. Quartz at Work

Key Quote: “You need to make the critical distinction between what belongs to your employer and what belongs to you and you only. The items that follow are yours. If you don’t set boundaries around them and learn to say no to your boss, you’re giving away something with immeasurable value.” Read the rest here.

When Targets and Metrics are Bad for Business
Zachary Crockett. The Hustle

Key Quote: “Our value as employees is often boiled down to the quantifiable, whether it’s our output of nails, the number of products we sell, or the number of page views we get on our articles. But there’s a problem with that: When a metric becomes a target — that is, when it becomes the primary focus of a job — it ceases to be effective.” Read the rest here.

Exercise is Mood Sorcery
Edith Zimmerman. The Cut

Key Quote: “People have always known that moving around transforms the way we feel, and increasingly science has been backing this up with data: Exercise can ease depression and anxiety and stimulate creativity, for instance (perhaps by enhancing circulation and brain-cell regeneration).” Read the rest here.

5 Natural Ways to Tame Anxiety
Loretta Breuning, PhD. Thrive Global

Key Quote: “You can build a new groove by feeding your brain a new experience repeatedly. You can design a new groove that’s healthy and sustainable. You can shift your brain from bad feelings to good feelings by creating a new path for your electricity to flow. You’ll be glad you did!” Read the rest here.

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