Music: Light Years, by The National

On the heels of Vampire Weekend’s breathe of fresh air, “Father of the Bride“, comes a release from another one of my favorite bands, The National.

The National’s eighth album, “I am Easy to Find“, is full of healthy departures from it’s signature morose, if not meandering sound. There is plenty to like about the new album, especially the inclusion of new voices and new approaches.

But, for me at least, the National will always be at its best when it brings us to a completely different place, one perhaps that we’re uncomfortable thinking about.

Light Years“, and it’s accompanying video do just that. It’s slow, sad, has a way of getting in your head, and is beautifully composed. It’s definitely a journey worth taking.

Check it out:

“Oh, the glory of it all was lost on me
‘Til I saw how hard it’d be to reach you
And I would always be light years, light years away from you”

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