Puppy Power

You know it’s going to be a good day when “Puppy Playdates and Adoptions” is on the employee appreciation calendar.

Today I met a puppy named Landon.

He was asleep when a colleague handed him to me, and he continued to snooze for the most part, stopping only to yawn and to make himself more comfortable as I held him.

There weren’t enough puppies to go around (but really, are there ever?), so we were all taking turns holding them, and politely passing them along to the next person when the moment was right. When I was handed Landon I inherited his audience, and when I passed him along I became a member of his audience.

There’s just something about puppies that melts people’s hearts, including mine. And while I didn’t adopt Landon, I certainly took the happiness of my moment with him the rest of the day, into my work, and into the weekend.

Never underestimate the power of a puppy.

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