Walking in the Summer Heat

Summer is most definitely here.

Today I managed to break away for a bit and went for a short walk at work. I believe in walk breaks. They do all kinds of good things for your health, reduce stress, help clear your mind, and they help you be more productive.

But whoa, it was HOT.

I do my best to stay cool. I stay in the shade, I avoid the afternoon heat, and I keep the pace slow. It’s a walk with the intent to reset, after all, not sweat! But San Antonio summers have a way of making this impossible. We’re fast approaching the time when walking outside, unless absolutely necessary, will be a thing we talk about in past tense.

Remember when we used to walk? Fun times.
Remember that time we walked to lunch? Ahhhh the adventure!
Remember that time we did a walking meeting? Maybe in December!

I’m exaggerating, slightly. Walks will continue, but in measured moments from air conditioned office to shaded walkway and back into another air conditioned office, ducking the heat like northerners hide from the cold in winter. But, to stay healthy we have to keep moving.

Which just means we have to get creative for the next few months!

Read this:

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