This week I, along with two colleagues from Talent Development completed HEBeginning, our new hire orientation program at H-E-B! We were among 46 new hires who spent quality time learning the ins and outs of the business, our culture, and most importantly, how our values guide the decisions we make.

There were three of us from Talent Development in HEBeginning! And members of the Talent Development team came to celebrate us at the end of our program!

We spent four days learning from leaders in the organization, sharing their personal stories about how they came to work at H-E-B, how their careers have taken shape, and how the work they (and their teams) do fits into the big picture.

We visited our culinary academy, where we learned about the art and science of food, and worked in groups to make our own pizzas!

We visited our transportation and warehousing facilities, where we learned about the incredible complexity, logistics and precision it takes to operate our stores. And of course, we visited our largest store, where it all came together, where we were able to learn from store leaders about their day to day operations, putting everything into perspective.

Our experience ended with a huge celebration and official welcome from our immediate talent development team, and so many more Partners who cheered us on, giving us hugs, handshakes, and high fives.

It’s hard to put this experience into my own words, so I’ll echo what I’ve heard said and seen lived so often in my short time at H-E-B:

We’re in the people business, we just happen to sell groceries.

Because people matter!

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