Fall Cadence

Labor Day weekend marks the unofficial end of summer, a designation that is widely ignored by the unrelenting heat of south Texas.

It also marks a return to a sense of rhythm, a cadence, in relief of long listless summer days, where the heat is just as much responsible for a perfectly crafted brand of inertia as the lack of a regular pace to our days, weeks and months.

In some ways this gets measured by the reopening of schools across the area and the activities that surround it. Days are getting shorter, sunsets are becoming more pronounced, and although we certainly won’t feel it anytime soon, fall is slowly, but surely, on its way.

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Post game sunset

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I’m looking forward to the cadence that fall brings this year, and with it, a return to many of the activities that keep me moving forward: consistent time with friends and family, writing, running, speaking, volunteering, etc., all of which suffered under the weight of those lazy hazy crazy days of summer.

More to come, and of course, most to share as the next few weeks and months unfold.

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