Progress, Perfection, and Service to Others

Way back in December 2018 I turned 40, and along with it came the proclamation that over the course of the coming year I’d volunteer with 40 different people.

There was an outpouring of support and people bought in. Things were exciting!

Then January slipped by, as did spring, and now summer, and as I write the only volunteering I’ve done since I turned 40 has been with Texas SHRM in the service of HR students (which I am super proud of), but that was already planned for the year.

I suppose I could count speaking at conferences, or writing for SHRM at the 2019 Annual Conference, or even the “Conchas and Canned Goods” drive we did in my last days at the Alamo Colleges, but stretching to make the numbers work was never the spirit or intent of my goal.

There is a part of me that feels awful about this, that wants to throw in the towel. And yet, there’s another part of me that is kind of upset about it, that I let it slip, and wants to make this whole thing happen in the last four months of the year.

But then again…

I’m starting to begin to ease into training for a half marathon in January, I’m still less than 90 days into my new job, I’ve got a handful of speaking opportunities in my near future, and then there’s the cadence of fall sports activities.

So perhaps the best path forward is to embrace what I’ve learned the last few months.

Progress is greater than perfection.

Perhaps the best thing to do, is just start.

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