Know the Business

Make it your business to know the business.

As catchphrases go, making it your business to know the business is a well-worn, deceptively simple reminder that it’s all too easy to construct barriers that protect us from the discomfort and vulnerability of seeing how our work impacts others.

The greater the distance between the work we do and the people it impacts, whether it be customers or  employees, the greater the likelihood that our decisions are not aligned with their interests, needs, and expectations.

In HR, talent development, and organizational development we all have a duty to reduce this distance. Our work directly impacts people and in turn impacts our organization’s ability to deliver on its promises to customers. We need to be where our people are on a much more consistent basis so that we can be at our best when we’re working to empower them to use their strengths and experience to the fullest.

In the end it affects people’s lives as much as it does their work.

So don’t wait for the right moment to come along, make it happen.

Don’t look for the perfect opportunity, or the right team in just the right circumstance. Get started!

MAKE it your business.

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Keep on truckin’! #IWork4HEB

A post shared by Carlos Escobar (@cescobar78) on

This week our team scheduled time to visit our manufacturing, warehouse and transportation facilities, learning about the processes, and most importantly, the PEOPLE who (quite literally) make things go. It was a fantastic experience, full of insight and opportunities to see firsthand how we do what we do as an organization.

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