We Are What We Repeatedly Share

People draw conclusions about who we are and what we do based on what we repeatedly share.

This weekend I had the opportunity to go back to the Alamo Colleges, presenting to participants in the Student Leadership Institute on social leadership. It was fantastic to reunite with a few of my former colleagues, to be back in the presence of students, and to play a role in educating future leaders.

In my session we talked about social leadership, that is, the importance of taking a proactive approach to the messages we share on social media as it relates to being seen as an expert in our fields. In a personal and professional context, we are what we repeatedly do.

We all have the opportunity to choose what we share.

The key message here isn’t that we should overthink every post on every social platform we use, or that every post should be perfectly crafted with a professional goal in mind. In fact its quite the opposite.

Where we have opportunity, is to be mindful of including a peek into our work and professional life on the platforms we use for personal sharing, and a peek into our personal life on the platforms we use for professional networking. The line between work and life is blurred. Our personal lives affect what we do at work, and what happens at work affects what we take into our personal life.

The best version of you online is one that is authentic, accessible, and tells the story of what you care about at home and at work.

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