Getting Where You Want to Be One Step at a Time

This weekend I was back out on the trail putting one foot in front of another for the second of sixteen weeks of training for the 3M half marathon in January.

I’m always impressed, when I come back to running after a long break, at how quickly the body adapts to its new (or in my case, resumed) routine. What one week ago was difficult, awkward even, the next feels more confident and more at ease.

As we embark on our work and our lives the same holds true. What was once a seemingly impossible task, through time and consistent effort, can become routine. If we are willing to do the work, when it comes easy and when it’s a difficult path to trek, we give ourselves the best chance of making meaningful change.

When our mind and our body rebels, working to persuade us to opt out, to stay comfortable, to avoid the sting of uncertainty that can come with attempting something new, we need to remember that the hard part almost never lasts beyond the first few steps.

Sometimes the hard part is showing up.

And if we show up, the rest might just be about putting one foot in front of the other until we get where we want to be.

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