#DisruptHR San Antonio: Abundance in Growth and Connection

I went to my first DisruptHR event the other day!

The funny thing about this particular event is that I would never have known about it had a close friend (and longtime member of my group of mentors) hadn’t shared it with me via email.

I loved it.

A part of me knew I would, but even still, I was pleasantly surprised by the way I loved it. The evening felt easy, relaxed, yet insightful. Perhaps most importantly, it created opportunities to connect.

At the event, I ran into coworkers, HR students, members of my extended network in addition to the folks that encouraged me to attend. It wasn’t the usual crowd of HR professionals that I’m used to seeing at events, and the speakers weren’t the usual lineup either.

We need more of this.

There is plenty of space for HR professionals in San Antonio, and anywhere really, to create and embrace opportunities to learn and connect. The very nature of a DisruptHR event is to challenge the status quo of how we live and work in the space of HR, and by extension, organizational development and talent development.

It’s time we embraced the same approach when it comes to continuing education and networking, not in the service of tearing down what already exists or what already works, but in the hope of creating opportunities for an expanded audience to fully embrace HR, its adjacent professions, and all of its untapped potential.

I’m already looking forward to next year’s event, and all the innovations and fresh approaches to HR education and networking that evolve along the way.

DisruptHR San Antonio was held at the San Antonio Zoo in the Hippo Enclosure, where we had the opportunity to learn about the hippos, and observe feeding.

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Hungry hungry hippos!

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