Joy and Courage

Last week I, along with a team of my colleagues at H-E-B, became Certified Dare to Lead™ Facilitators by completing a 2 ½ day workshop facilitated by Dr. Brené Brown. Having the opportunity to complete this training, to work with Dr. Brown and her team, to be in the room with not only my colleagues but extraordinary facilitators from all over the world, was an experience that leaves me searching for words.

My personal journey through Dr. Brown’s work began with a recommendation from a book club and has grown to be as much about answering my own call to courage as it has been about encouraging others to do the same.

A part of me wants to think of this journey as the result of chance or luck. Maybe I was just in the right place in the right time and I happened to meet the right people. Maybe I stumbled, perhaps inadvertently, into this moment.

But I’d be wrong. It was courage every step of the way.

It was courage that led to this moment. It was my own courage as much as it was the courage of friends, colleagues, peers and mentors who pushed have pushed me forward.

Right now the most powerful thing I can think to do is to pause and embrace joy in this without any strings attached.

As strange as it may seem, doing so takes a lot of courage. Truly being happy about a turning point, everything that led up to it, and all the things that are soon to come from it, is an act of vulnerability. No matter how much we learn, how much we practice, or how much we become self-aware, joy requires the courage to make ourselves vulnerable.

Looking back on last week, I choose vulnerability. I choose courage.

I choose joy.

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