Music: This Life, by Vampire Weekend

If you’ve read along at any point on my little blog, you know I like to occasionally share the songs and bands I’m listening to. It’s just what I do.

You also know then that I’m a sucker for a good old fashioned music video, usually quirky, meaningful or insightful, and often a total departure from the lyrics of the song it is intended to represent.

This time around I’m sharing “This Life”, by Vampire Weekend, a catchy little tune that came out last April, which ended up being my 6th most listened to song in 2019 (thanks for keeping track Spotify).

The song itself is fairly heavy. Check out this little section:

“Baby, I know hate is always waiting at the gate
I just thought we’d lock the gate when we left in the morning
When I was told that war is how we landed on these shores
I just thought the drums of war beat louder warnings”


And the video, well, it’s a bit of a surprising take on the song, taking the perspective of a car service driver (ie. Lyft) who describes himself as a loner. It’s worth checking out:

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