Monday was my Dad’s 70th birthday.

We celebrated in our usual fashion, that is, we sat around and watched him grill (or as he calls it “burning meat”, we had a beer, talked about the world and whatnot, watched TV, and indulged in a little desert.

People often say things like “oh so this is where you get your sense of humor from”, and that’s true. Growing up there was no shortage of laughs in our household and a lot of it comes from the deep sense of humor instilled upon us by my dad.

Paradoxically, low key birthdays like this are also part of what makes all of us a bit of a walking contradiction. We can laugh, carry on with the best, and simultaneously prefer to celebrate big birthdays away from it all, in the most simple, predictable fashion.

Don’t try to figure it out, just go with it.

Cheers to 70 years dad!

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