The Friendliest Horses In America

On Saturday I decided that I’d wander out into the countryside a bit to take in the last early sunset of the season. With the time changing I thought it’d be cool to mark the occasion by staking out a great spot to take in the sunset and take a few solid photos of the occasion.

I learned quickly, however that intentionally finding a spot to observe/photograph a sunset is very different from taking one in by chance. It seems that a good sunset is easiest to appreciate when you don’t have to put any effort into it; when it just sort of happens and you get to stare at it without having put any effort into it.

Such would be the case as I drove further and further, looking for the right spot to park and the right vantage of the Texas Hill Country for my big sunset moment.

But then I drove past three horses.

I slowed down, turned around, and parked on the road adjacent to the ranch where they were meandering in the waning sunlight. I was sure they’d scamper off at the sight of the car stopped. They didn’t. Then I was certain they’d run off when I got out of the car. Again, they didn’t.

So I got up the fence and started taking pictures. And then they started walking up to me!

They came right up to the fence, completely comfortable with a total stranger. They moved with me as I walked along the fence, curious, and at ease with the entire encounter. It was an amazing moment!

Later, I ended up finding a spot to take pictures of the sunset, but they didn’t come out well. My mind was also stuck on those horses and the complete chance encounter I had with them. Looking back, I’m far happier with those few moments than I ever would have been with my original plan, a series of photos of the last early sunset of the season.

Chance plays a role in everything it seems. We just have to be willing to slow down and take in what it offers from time to time.

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