5 Reads: Timelines for a return to normalcy, keeping social distancing in place saves lives, preserving your mental health and more.

There continues to be an overwhelming amount of information on the Coronavirus pandemic, and rightfully so. We’re living in unprecedented times, requiring an unprecedented response from each and every one of us.

To that end I will continue to share the articles I’ve found along the way that either add context or provide crucial information.

As always, consult the Center for Disease Control, the World Health Organization and local sources (San Antonio) for the most up to date information and resources.

Here are five reads that have me thinking:

Inside the Story of How H-E-B Planned for the Pandemic

Dan Solomon and Paula Forbes. Texas Monthly

Key quote: “How did a regional supermarket chain develop systems that allow it to stay ahead of a crisis as big as this one? We spoke with nearly a dozen employees, executives, and customers to better understand—in their words—how H-E-B has taken on its unique role in shaping its business around the needs of Texans in the midst of trying circumstances.” Read the rest here.

How we know ending social distancing will lead to more deaths, in one chart.

German Lopez. Vox

Key quote: “This is one reason public health experts are against pulling back social distancing right now, even as Trump talks about a quick end. The US is still seeing coronavirus cases rise, and cases seem to be rising more quickly here than in other countries. Epidemiological models also suggest coronavirus cases will rise if social distancing measures are relaxed, potentially causing hundreds of thousands if not millions of deaths in the US alone.” Read the rest here.

The Four Possible Timelines for Life Returning to Normal

Joe Pinsker. The Atlantic

Key quote: “The answer is simple, if not exactly satisfying: when enough of the population—possibly 60 or 80 percent of people—is resistant to COVID-19 to stifle the disease’s spread from person to person. That is the end goal, although no one knows exactly how long it will take to get there.” Read the rest here.

Four Things to Do Every Day for Your Mental Health

Elizabeth Markle. Greater Good Magazine

Key quote: “The point of all of this? It’s normal to stagger when the old structures are swept away—but we have the opportunity (and the imperative) to create our own. Intentionally. For our well-being, and the well-being of our families and communities, we are called upon to design sustainable structures that produce sanity, safety, and human thriving. How? At Open Source Wellness, we help folks create daily structures using a “Universal Prescription”: Move, Nourish, Connect, Be.” Read the rest here.

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