Reopening With Caution, and the Difficult Work Ahead

Some state and local governments have put plans together to re-open after relatively short covid-19 lock-downs.

I’m nervous about this. I want things back to “normal” as much as anyone, but it feels early, and I’m afraid people will pay the price with their lives.

Closing non-essential business was a decision made FOR US in almost every case. Re-opening, however, is a decision many organizations, leaders, and yes, your friendly local HR teams will be making on a case by case and moment to moment basis.

And it’s going to be difficult.

There will be no straightforward or easy path, and no one has experience in this arena to draw from.

We’ll need to listen to experts, interpret data, and move forward cautiously if we are to prevent even more pain and suffering. Successes will be had, and so will setbacks. The degree to which we can act on the advice of experts, our willingness to embrace deep, community-minded thinking, to be patient, and to lead people through even more uncertainty will be what keeps us all safe and healthy. 

The hard work of managing this is just beginning.

But it’s our calling to put our strengths and skills to use for the greater good.

I hope we (as citizens and communities) manage it well.

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