Mind the Micro Moments

I’ve shuffled past the same plants perhaps hundreds of times over the course of my covid-19 lock-down.

Most mornings, I start the day with a walk or run and most mornings I follow the exact same path because it affords me a reliable measure of room to move and the isolation that is so essential right now.

On Sunday however, on a foggy, gloomy morning, I noticed the tiny drops that had accumulated on a plant along the road and the result was this photo:

The covid-19 crisis has made our worlds incredibly small, and although we may desire to get back out and into the big big world, we have to mind the micro moments that make up our lives.

What we shuffle past, day after day and week after week, contains the richness and detail we so desperately need to make sense of the challenges before us. What we take for granted, what we walk past without a single thought, we miss out on to our own detriment.

The micro moments that strung together, construct our lives, matter.

Are you paying attention?

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