Walking It Off

Every step I take is a step further and further from feeling out of sync, tired, stressed and bored.

I’ve known for a long time that walking and running does me a lot of good. On long hikes and long runs, my mind is free to wander in and out of topics and I almost always come back with the kind of distance, literal and figurative, that helps me move forward.

During the covid-19 lockdown, I’ve joked, walking and running is one of the things keeping me from going crazy.

I start most mornings with a walk/run (nothing too crazy, after all, I’m not training for anything in particular). Throughout the day I’ll mix in 4 or 5 shorter walks, and on occasion, as I did last Saturday, when I’m feeling cooped up, and like all of this is starting to get to me, I go for a nice long walk in the afternoon.

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Afternoon walk. #KeepMoving

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It does wonders for me, and there is in fact a whole lot of research that shows that my experience isn’t unique to me. We are designed to move. We were built to walk!

Keep moving!

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