Challenge This

I’ve been at a loss for words the last few days. Call it exhaustion, shock, grief, anger or some terrible combination thereof.

Words alone will always will be imperfect and not nearly enough. But I’m here trying anyway. That’s the nature of this. It’s messy, it’s tragic and it’s uncomfortable. And we must face it.

But acknowledging the systems that have kept people of color disenfranchised and the subjects of violence, harassment and murder for centuries is only the first step. 

Taking action: being an active participant in building communities and processes that emphasize our interdependence is something we can all do and something we should all expect from one another. 

Our fates, hopes, and livelihoods are tied together.

These aren’t tragedies visited on others, they are visited upon all of us. This isn’t someone else’s pain to bear, it’s pain for all of us to bear. 

Wade into the discomfort. Face the messiness of this. Don’t turn away from tragedy repeated over and over and over.

We each have the power to make a difference with our actions and non actions, with our words, with the power, wealth and privilege we have accumulated. We each have a choice to make in this moment. 

Choose to challenge this. 
Perfection is not the goal. Action is. 

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