A Drive for Renewal

I had a million things to do on Sunday and taking a long drive through the Texas hill country definitely wasn’t on the list. But it was good for my soul.

The last few weeks and months have been tough. From quarantine, to premature reopening, to police violence and racial injustice, a heavy toll has been taken on our collective mental and physical well-being.

I ran out of steam sometime last week.

I kept showing up of course, and I kept doing what I felt needed to be done to push us forward in my own small ways, but I ended every day mentally and physically exhausted. I got behind on emails, replies, work at home, and pretty much everything that didn’t demand immediate attention.

Instead my mind wandered to our state parks, and I began to dream of spending a morning in nature to help get back on track. But our parks were all booked, and there were no passes available for the next two weeks! Of course.

So on Sunday, when I once again reached an impasse that had me staring at my laptop trying to figure out where to start, I decided to go for a drive. If I couldn’t get out to a park, then I’d drive into the countryside and take my camera with me.

It was glorious.

When I got back I felt renewal and peace. I felt like myself again!

It wasn’t so much that the drive and photos I took were particularly special, it was that I broke from routine in a way that was mentally and emotionally nourishing. I breathed fresh air. I got lots of sun. I soaked in big skies and vast landscapes.

And when I got back to the work of putting some good into the world, I was better for it.

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