Mom’s Hang-Ups

My first public outing since March was probably my last trip to my parents’ shop (and I got to see my sister for the first time since February!) After 16 years in one spot and 26 years in business, they are closing up for good at the end of June.

It was sad to see the once jam-packed shop so empty. For years we (my brother, sister and I) would drop into the shop, either to help with a project, to visit, or to simply pass time. Everything about the shop and what it contained became part of our existence. It was part of our family like a home becomes part of a family. It was a place full of memories, it’s own constant presence in our lives.

But everything changes. And although retirement was being talked about long before covid-19 (its tough, physical work stocking and keeping up with a shop), the pandemic, subsequent closures and long term economic outlook certainly provided a substantial nudge.

So ends a long tradition of antiques, collectibles, home furnishings, and the adventures of entrepreneurship that surrounded every aspect of it. It’s the end of an era for our family, but a happy milestone as we ALL move on to whatever comes next.

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