Video: COVID-19 and Mask Myths DEBUNKED! | It’s Okay to Be Smart

This is a great video that dispels some of the common myths about wearing a mask, and covid-19 in general. You should watch it.

AND you should share it with the people in your life who are lax when it comes to physical distancing and mask wearing. But before you do, read this article to find out the best approach, and use a few simple change management techniques to help things stick.

Instead of sending the link to this video to your crazy cousin imploring that they watch it, take a moment to focus on raising their level of awareness for the need to change, and their desire to change. In other words, practice empathy.

Use statements like, “hey, I’ve been doing some research and it’s looking more and more like if we all wore masks we could make a huge difference in the severity of and length of this pandemic”, or “I really want to get back to work, and to seeing family and friends, and right now there’s only one way we know of to do that”

Paint a vivid picture of what it means if we all wore masks. Some studies suggest that if 95% of us wore masks we’d save on the order of 70,000 lives this fall/winter. Furthermore, the sooner we get the rate of infections down, the sooner we can take those tentative steps into reopening fully.

We all want things to get back to normal. But the reality is that even when we have a vaccine it will take time, lots of time, for us to reach a safe level of immunity. We can’t afford to wait for a vaccine to save us. Too many people will lose their lives and their livelihoods in the process.

When YOUR mind is in the right place, and when you’re confident you can manage this conversation in a way that makes it safe for others to embrace change, share this video:

It’s Okay to Be Smart: “Bottom line: Masks work. They are safe for almost everyone to wear, and the more people that wear them along with adhering to physical distancing and other strategies, then that’s more lives we’ll save. But there’s still a lot of confusion and misinformation out there when it comes both to wearing masks and the actual risks of getting infected with COVID-19. In this video I address a few of the most common myths and misunderstandings using scientific evidence.”

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