Keep Yourself Ready

On a rainy afternoon this week I got tired of sitting around inside and decided to go for a walk. A quick peek out the window convinced me to grab my camera. They sky was “weird” and I thought this might present an opportunity to take a few photos.

I stepped outside and the sky was a canvas of orange, blue and purple. The air was still. The world was quiet. And I managed to get a few really cool photos:

Any book on photography includes the core lesson of practice, practice, practice. That is, to get good photos when the moment arrives, you must take hundreds of photos. They implore you to take photos of things around the house, around your neighborhood, of everyday and mundane things. Keep doing it until it’s second nature.

And I like to think that there is a life lesson in that.

When we see people who are successful in work or in life, we tend to think they are naturals or that it call came so easily to them. What we don’t see is that they put in the work, over and over and over. They practiced until it became second nature.

We’re all in a weird place in 2020. So much of our day to day is dictated by forces outside our control, but for the things we DO have control over there is opportunity to practice, to grow, to connect. Even if that opportunity is small and fleeting we can make the most of it by practicing the things that matter most to us. (and yes, rest and recreation count here too)

So when the moment arrives, however it arrives, we’ll be ready.

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