Routine, Habits and Our Potential

Routine and habit are especially important in times of high stress or protracted crisis like the compounding challenges we’ve faced in 2020. Effective habits pull us through tough times when we can’t rely on our talent or experience alone.

Effective habits can be the entry point for meaningful change in our lives, AND they can be the catalyst for managing tough times. We fall back on routine when everything else is out of our control. Habits are a rare source of stability when everything feels like its falling apart.

What we choose to repeat, to bring into our day to day routines is incredibly important. It’s a question of who we want to be and what we want to stand for day in and day out. So when things get difficult, when we are faced with challenge after challenge, we can rely on those habits because they are meaningful and well-practiced.

As we face prolonged uncertainty with no discernable end in sight, we should be reminded that what lies within our control most often is the ability to choose how we respond on a day to day basis. What’s squarely within our control is the opportunity to choose the habits that give us the best possible chance of living and working to our full potential.

Let’s choose wisely.

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