The 3 Sessions I’m Most Looking Forward To at ERE Digital 2.0!

This week I’m attending my first recruiting and talent acquisition conference!

I’m excited to dig into this conference because recruiting is where I started my HR career, because it’s where I spent the first 60 days of the pandemic (helping with volume during a temporary hiring surge), and because my day to day work in talent development requires an understanding of what it means to seek, hire, and empower the best people.

I’m looking forward to every aspect of the conference, but the three sessions I’m MOST looking forward to are:

Hire For Diversity Without Breaking The Law
Kate Bischoff. Mary Garcia. Tequilla Lopez

Can Recruiting Fix Your Company’s Culture? Let’s Debate This!
Mary Faulkner. Keirsten Greggs

The Big Cover-Up: Helping Candidates Reveal Rather Than Conceal Their Best Selves
Madison Butler

Want to join us?

There’s still time to register!
Use code:  EREDIGI20EXTRA10 to get 10% off registration

Event Details:
ERE Digital 2.0
Tuesday October 20 and Wednesday October 21:
Register HERE

From the conference website:
“The world has changed. Recruiting has changed. But one thing has not…

ERE’s reputation for bringing together the best of talent acquisition — from speakers to participants to sponsors.

That tradition continues with ERE Digital 2.0. We’re not changing what we’re doing. We’re changing how we’re doing it. With a dynamic, interactive virtual platform, we’re connecting even more professionals from companies worldwide who are eager to share strategies, exchange ideas, and build relationships.

ERE Digital 2.0 is not your typical event. It’s an experience. You won’t be an attendee. You’ll be a participant as you engage with peers, speakers, leaders, decision-makers, and influencers all with one aim — to elevate your work, your department, and your organization.

The ERE Experience. Interactive. Informative. Inspiring. Interesting. Impactful.”

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