Relief and the Work Ahead

I am relieved.

Yesterday the networks finally called the presidential race for Joe Biden.

It capped off months of cumulative stress about the election, weeks of anxiety about what might happen, and days of an unhealthy attachment to the news cycle to stay in the know. My stomach hurt, much as it did in the days after Trump was declared the winner in 2016.

Many of us knew then that we were in for a terrible four years. We felt it in our gut, a kind of inexplicable sense of dread that lingered for months. Time wore down the rough edges of that feeling. Still, the Trump administration’s actions, its enablers, and those who have chosen to remain comfortable throughout have amounted to a relentless assault on the body and minds of many.

While we shouldn’t fool ourselves into thinking that any of what lies ahead of us will be easy, right now, I find relief in knowing that there is potential for us to nurture the tiny embers of hope and humanity that remain into work that heals wounds, and builds a better future for all of us. We’ll all need to find new ways to lift each other and to put our skills to work for the greater good, much as we have over the last four years.

I’m looking forward to working with the people and organizations that are leading the way.

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