Becoming Someone Who Writes

Are you a writer, or someone who writes?

I used to be the former. These days, I’m lucky to be able to say I’m occasionally the latter.

With so much happening in the world, and my long held belief that I do my best writing when I’m working to fix something, you’d think this old blog would be a place of perpetual renewal. There has never been so much to work on, so much that needs fixing, and I have perhaps never had so much to say.

And yet, writing has been nearly impossible this year.

What has happened, instead, is that in the absence of this outlet I’ve let my mind wander and work overtime to the hum of endless rumination and countless sleepless nights. I’ve watched as the year meandered without a care for the human tragedy that marked time’s passing and I’ve found myself overwhelmed by my will to make sense of it all.

Writing about any of it in a way that is deserving of our shared experience continues to escape me.   

But it’s time to try.

It’s time to get back to the basics of writing, if not eloquently, then consistently. It’s time to get back to getting my thoughts out into the open, pursuing them, examining them, and building on them.

It’s time, once again, to become someone who writes.

One thought

  1. I’m a writer, but there definitely have been stretches where I didn’t write a single word (my day jobs then consisted of managing content instead of writing them, lol). I’ve since managed to start the habit again—not writing good words, but at least writing daily. Here’s to finding our mojo back!


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