5 Reads: Toxic Effects of Calling Work a Family, The Great Resignation is Accelerating, Making Your Time Matter, and more

This month’s articles reflect yet another turning point in the pandemic, or perhaps better stated, the onset of an era in which living with the pandemic is more prevalent than trying to mitigate and prevent its most dire consequences.

There are many reasons for this, mainly that we have vaccines, are on the cusp of having prescription anti-virals, and cases have dropped after a long summer of the delta variant. Though our hold on this hopeful time is tenuous, it presents an opportunity to revisit some of the ideas of early summer. (even if whatever comes next is forever a moving target)

Here are five articles that had me thinking over the last month or so:

The Toxic Effects of Branding Your Workplace a Family
Joshua A. Luna. The Harvard Business Review

Key quote: “When a family member is in need or requires significant commitment on your end, you rarely have to think twice. At least, that’s the perception among intra-family relationships. Placed into a work setting, loyalty can get misconstrued as expectations form to go above and beyond to do anything to get the job done.” Read the rest here.

Do We Really Need to Meet In Person?
Ed Zitron. The Atlantic

Key quote: “The next several months will be incredibly telling for how meeting culture will change in the long term. The disingenuous framing of returning to the office as returning to “work” will only look more silly as millions of people realize at once how silly it is to commute to an office to open a web browser and join a videoconference.” Read the rest here.

America’s unemployed are sending a message: They’ll go back to work when they feel safe – and well-compensated
Heather Long. The Washington Post

Key quote: “Workers, especially low-wage workers, are revolting against years of poor pay and stressful conditions. It remains unclear how the Great Reassessment of work will play out going forward. For now, people are still hesitant to take the first jobs available to them, if they don’t believe they’re good jobs. And they are not reluctant to quit a situation they don’t like.” Read the rest here.

The Great Resignation Is Accelerating
Derek Thompson. The Atlantic

Key quote: “If you asked me to predict the most salutary long-term effects of the pandemic last year, I might have muttered something about urban redesign and office filtration. But we may instead look back to the pandemic as a crucial inflection point in something more fundamental: Americans’ attitudes toward work.” Read the rest here.

Ten Ways to Make Your Time Matter
Oliver Burkeman. Greater Good Magazine

Key quote: “Yet the modern discipline of time management (or productivity) is depressingly narrow-minded, focused on devising the perfect morning routine or trying to crank through as many tasks as possible, while investing all your energy on reaching some later state of well-being and accomplishment. It ignores the fact that the world is bursting with wonder—and that experiencing more of that wonder may come at the cost of productivity.” Read the rest here.

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